Распродажа склада


How to select a sauna and heater for it?

In the selection of saunas should be taken into account:


  • the exact length, width and height of space
  • Gas, water, heating pipes (floor heating system), etc.
  • protruding wall niches, sloping ceilings and other protuberances
  • Electrical cables, wiring, home sockets, switches, etc.
  • circulation of air in the room (windows, ventilation ducts, etc.)
  • location and size of the entrance door, windows
  • especially sex (roughness, level, etc.)


In the design and construction of saunas should be taken into account:


  • the minimum distance between the walls and walls of the sauna room to install a sauna - 5 cm
  • the minimum distance between the ceiling and a sauna ceiling space 12 cm
  • Minimal amounts of space to 0.8 sq m per person
  • Minimum internal height of 190 cm parilki



In selecting the desired heater should be taken into account: Dimensions parilki:


Power furnace (kW)
minimum ceiling height, m
the recommended amount, m3
2,1/2,2 1,9 1,3-2,5
3,0 1,9 2,0-4,0
4,5 1,9 3,0-6,0
6,0 1,9 5,0-9,0
8,0 1,9 8,0-12,0
9,0 1,9 9,0-13,0
10,5 1,9 93,0-15,0
12,0 2,1 10,0-18,0
15,0 2,1 14,0-24,0
18,0 2,1 18,0-30,0
21,0 2,1 24,0-36,0
26,0 2,2 30,0-46,0

  • brick, concrete surfaces, window glass, etc.: - for each square. m. above surfaces added 1,2 m / m. the size of the sauna.
  • must be thermally insulated walls: - for example, mineral wool layer thickness of 5 cm
  • Keep an eye stones: - for example, when using a sauna once a week: the stones must be at least once a year take out, replace the damaged stones and put them once again not tightly around the heating elements. This sauna will warm faster, will save energy and heating elements will serve longer.
  • If the oven podobrana wrong, and: - its power is too great: sauna warmed too quickly and allows little steam because of the sharp crude atmosphere in the sauna - its capacity is too small: sauna warmed slowly and be subjected to heavy load oven, which shortens the term of its service.
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