Распродажа склада

Building Japan Bath

One of the main activities of "Sauna Dann" - Construction equipment and saunas and bathhouses. We conclude with their clients Treaty on post service. Standing buyers and wholesalers, we offer considerable discounts. Our specialists are building a sauna bathhouse in a short time in Moscow and Moscow region.

Our company for several years carrying out activities related to the construction of the Japanese baths. As a rule, before build Japanese bath, our clients receive the draft and 3D model of the future of Turkish baths. This allows us to subsequently use precisely the finishing materials that would look harmonious and you create a sense of coziness and comfort. The size, shape, design of the Japanese bathhouse individually selected on the basis of the personal wishes of the client.

Our experts will help you develop your own unique design of the Japanese bathhouse, to create a harmonious, proper lighting, select and install the necessary equipment, taking into account all your wishes.

An important is that we have built baths have long-term warranty. Moreover, our managers tell our customers about new products, which could motivate the user or a sauna bath.


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