Распродажа склада

Composite Pools

2 x 3D measured colours Bi-luminite™



  • 10 years is guaranteed in colour!
  • 2 x 2 = three-dimensional layer of three-dimensional flowers painted on the surface regardless basin, creating the effect of the beautiful bay.
  • extraordinary brilliant colors
  • layers of color are painted by hand as the most expensive cars.
  • 9 selection of species of flowers in the modification

Bi-luminite™ Serie

Galaxy Blue Blue Granite Blue Saphire


Golden Pebble Smokey Quartz

Cyber Serie

Cyber Moon
Cyber Aqua Cyber Sky

Diamond Serie

Diamond Reef


Bi-luminite ™ Serie - surface and its three colors - a revolutionary change. The surface of the basin not only his good
technical execution. It is hidden CompassPools professional approach to solving the exterior of the basin - Bright Lights three-dimensional. Most pools complex was simple color style, before the company developed CompassPools Bi-luminite surface. Some surfaces are color painting, others try to remind marble. CompassPools changed the perception of color in the pools, exercise perelomlenie small particles under the bright surface water and using two instead of one layer of color.


Two color layer is better than one. Designers and designers company understands that with a bright layer of small particles, which are placed above the color layer, significantly improve the surface colors basin. To this was possible, they should build a new surface layer of transparent resin. The result was amazing remarkable three-dimensional effect.




The wide range of luminescent colors. This patent process Bi-luminite ™ Serie creates a unique color effects. His depth and brightness ensure allow the basin to create a unique pallet of the remarkable colors. This is - the reason why your pool may be quite merge with the environment, or create strong emotional expression of your style and color sense.