Распродажа склада

Mats, grates on the floor

Grates on the floor



Purpose: Nickel is used as incite on the floor in the sauna, a Russian sauna and predbannike. In the manufacture of solid wood, probably used for Plots, as the tracks or pads to rest (in order).
Material: linden, alder


AS582 Grid on the floor

    750 × 900 mm;

AS599 Grid on the floor

     500 × 500 mm
AS575 Grid on the floor

     600 × 900 mm;

AS568 Grid on the floor

     150 × 900 mm;




AS124 Rug-sidushka


400 × 350 mm;


Purpose: used to podstilaniya to avoid body contact with hot shelves in the sauna, consists of 10 nanizannyh to cut the cord Reeken 30 × 10, who alternated with wooden beads.


  • Length 300 mm
  • Width 350 mm
  • Height 
AS131 Rug-sunbed


1010 × 450 mm


Purpose: Used as a sunbed in the sauna and on the beach. The device: consists of 26 nanizannyh to lead Reeken 30 × 10, who alternated with wooden beads.


  • Length 1030 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Height 10 mm


сололифт;Вентилятор радиальный - радиальные вентиляторы цена. Вентиляторы радиальные ВР.;Огромный выбор любой мебели - дизайнер интерьера в белгороде.