Распродажа склада


Control box S-105 C

Control box S-150

Power supply: 400B 3N, AC
Office heater: U, V, W, 3500 W / phase
Maximum load: 10.5 kW
Protection class: I
PX4 duration of the state included: 4 hours
Adjusting the temperature:



    sauna: 40-110 degrees C

    steam: installation determines the value of humidity the temperature in the sauna
Set humidity values - relative humidity of 10-95% with a maximum temperature -100-40 degrees C


    temperature sensor, a protection against overheating 
  • humidity sensor

The switch to illuminate: maximum 100 W
The switch to air conditioning: maksimalno100 W

The maximum temperature on the scoreboard installation remote control +100 degrees C, accuracy of + / - 1 degrees C

Maximum countdown to the scoreboard +125 degrees C

The size of the control room:

    width of 250 mm
  • height of 223 mm


    depth of approx. 70 mm

Weight approx. 1.4 kg


Griffin CG170




Control box Harvia Fenix consists of different devices, which together allow fully manage all functions and settings saunas. There are several types of bundling:








Versatility and ease of use. 

Family control devices Harvia Griffin consists of three models for the management of various devices: Griffin CG170 to manage traditional elektrokamenkoy, Griffin Combi CG170C to manage elektrokamenkoy Combi or set of traditional and elektrokamenki evaporator and Griffin Infra CG170I to manage infrared cabin. Each family includes a remote control panel, power supply and temperature sensor.