Распродажа склада


For the first time the unique properties of Abasha as material for interior design saunas have been opened Scandinavian builders in the seventies of the last century.

The fact is that the relatively small weight and porous structure, on the one hand and sufficient hardness and elasticity, on the other hand, reveal the main advantage of this breed, namely low thermal conductivity, which wood does not burn the body. Of course, if the temperature in the sauna more than 100 ° C, in contact with air timber latter takes the temperature of the air, but thanks to a porous structure, heat does not accumulate, and as soon as you touch the wood body, it instantly takes your temperature. That is why the shelves in the sauna are more often from Abasha.

I want to emphasize that with 12% humidity, Abasha actually is dry material that is will never settle. Conventional materials (spruce, aspen), traditionally used in saunas Finns have a much higher humidity (30%). Thus, it is hard to deny the Finnish builders and designers in the use of Abasha in finishing saunas.

Abasha grows in tropical forests of West Africa and is known in international trade under different local names: «obeche», «Vava» (Ghana), «Ayuso» (Congo, Cameroon), «Abasha», «samba» (Côte d'Ivoire) . Wood is the color of kremovato-white to straw-yellow, between the nucleus and the sap no sharp differences. The density of wood svezhesrublennoy 550-700 kg / m 3, moisture density at 12%: 370 kg / m 3. Share 0.25 - 0.55. g/sm2 the load while bending to 530 kg / cm 2, and pressure - up to 280 kg / cm 2. Abasha grows in tropical forests as a single tree; thickets of almost no Abasha happens. Reaches 40 meters in height and 2 - 2.5 meters in diamet reform. The kroon is just upstairs, resulting in the virtual absence suchkov. Wood Abasha easily processed by hand and machine tools, luschitsya for veneer and well skleivaetsya; it can hammer the nails and screws vvertyvat without the risk of splitting. Well-to toning. All of the quality of doing Abasha high-tech materials.

Let's hope that the permanent disasters in West Africa is not put into question the supply Abasha in Russia, and millions of friends saunas and bathhouses will not be deprived of their fun, because today to introduce a sauna without an African wood Abasha impossible.