Распродажа склада


Nectariferous linden tree is clean. The structure of the wood moderately porous, that is its great tsennost.

Hygroscopicity lime in applying it as a cover material for saunas and bathhouses is unparalleled, as could quickly heat up and cool down, without changing at the same time, its geometry and color. For comparison, aspen quickly from the dark years to 3 years, and African wood, which are themselves quite expensive at a price yet and are made from dead trees.

Lipa continues to live for 10 years, and has, together with the smell of wood nepodrazhaemym positive energy charge, contributing to a warm Aure in your house or apartment.

Lipa has a favorable energy, is a thin unforgettable aroma and pleasant creamy tone. Especially prized linden, brought from the Caucasus. Mining linden on the density of less flat. Therefore, it is less heated, this property has been the use of lime in the pair, where the temperature often reaches a hundred degrees.

Woodcarvers love linden for ease of handling and the fine structure of the fibers. Besides lime does not crack and tunic of the strike.