Распродажа склада



Schiedel UNI

UNI - universal chimney system with the heart of ceramics

Security doma.Bezopasnost own, independence and comfort already present in your house.

New chimney geometry provides aeration and even greater protection from education drip.

Ceramic chimneys new generation resistant to moisture, acid, flue gases and suited to all types of fuel.



A three-chimney system to be installed in the already constructed houses.

Never too late to recall capacity.

The combination of stainless steel Kerastar outside (light, endurance, easy to maintain, and installation) to allow domestic ceramic pipe in one product to combine the best features of two different materials.

Inner ceramic pipe insulation and outer casing of stainless steel. All in one. You can not build a chimney faster and easier while avoiding mistakes.




Chimney Keranova system for the rescue of old chimneys



  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Energy savings
  • Gas density when excess pressure
  • Suitable for all types of fuel
  • Resistance to corrosion and acids


Schiedel QUADRO

Chimney system for heating houses with each-flat

Inner tube from ceramics provides reliable protection from moisture, acids and of infiltration and spread of flue gases.

Chimney system Quadro (LAS) delivers to the boiler heated air, which increases its effectiveness.