Распродажа склада



Schiedel Quadro - special chimney system for individual gas boilers in multistory buildings.

Summing pritochnogo air for combustion process in the boiler furnaces made directly from the atmosphere through the construction of an integrated stack ventilation channel.

Chimney Schiedel Quadro system makes it possible exploitation of gas boilers in the regime, regardless of air space and simultaneously eliminates the problem of fuel combustion in dense window and door designs.




  • Decentralized heating used if necessary
  • Individual calculation of fuel consumed
  • The ability to connect consumers to 10
  • There is no need to organize more mines
  • Pritochnogo air and visible connective elements between it and the boiler
  • No problem filing pritochnogo air for combustion, and reliability of many increases
  • A small occupied area due to its compact size construction
  • The exact calculation of cross section of tables and graphs