Распродажа склада


Modern font is:


  • Beauty and practicality, with small amounts
  • European quality at Russian prices
  • they perfectly fit into the bath, sauna, bathroom and outdoor
  • Environmentally friendly materials: oak, larch
  • font, all equipped with benches, stairs, plums and switch water


What are the benefits font?

We sometimes forget that water is the most affordable, safe and highly effective therapeutic tool. Even in ancient times, people knew about the usefulness of alternation of contrasting water procedures. Contrast baths put the body in extreme conditions. That "stress" increases the body's immune defense. So you can "train" the cardiovascular system: the high temperature vessels expand, with the cold - shrinking, that normalizes the frequency of cuts in the heart and respiration. Low temperature tonic way affects the heart. Cold water removes fatigue, attached cheerfulness and efficiency. "Shake up" the body is needed especially urban dwellers, who led sedentary lifestyles. Residents of mega-cities are subject to severe nerve overload and stress. Font and contrast baths will help support the body in good condition.

It seems that there is no disease that does not help contrasting the bath. Doctors advised both treat neuralgia and rheumatism, headaches and high blood pressure, cold and disease. Water trains not only vessels but also the skin: restores its elasticity, and elasticity, smooth wrinkles, normal metabolism. Font is irreplaceable and with zakalivanii body. For lovers of Russian font baths with cold water can replace the ice-hole ice or snow. It is a wooden font will not depend on the vagaries of the weather and get pleasure from baths all year round.

Comfortable and modern font will help improve health, will be simple and reliable way to sustain life tone and good mood.


Овальная двухместная дубовая  купель
Овальная одноместная купель
Oval double
oak (larch) font
69x130 cm height of 1 m
600 liters
Oval single
font of larch (Dubai)
59x106 cm height of 1 m
350 liters



Where can I install a font?

In recent years, in the West and in Russia font again came into vogue. It became popular and important part of the interior bathroom or sauna. Wooden font of modern design is, above all, practical. In comparison with a fixed pool font takes up little space and therefore can be installed in any room without his prior training. In that its main advantage - you can put the font in the bathroom and urban apartment or cottage homes and gardens, and in the sauna or Russian bath. Font help save space, without neglecting the comfort and benefit to their health. Even small size apartments or gardens will help, not denying ourselves the pleasure, to take water treatment in the font. Wooden same font on the open gardens will be wonderful to look around her flowering plants. Font safe for children and brought them a lot of joy in the summer.



Круглая купель
Круглая дубовая  купель
Round font
from larch (Dubai)
with pristavnym podium
diameter of 117 cm height of 1 m
900 liters
Round oak
(larch) font threaded
diameter of 150 cm height of 1 m
1500 liters


What is covered font?

Font covered with a specially designed polymer coating. This coating has elasticity, high impact resistance, wear resistance and water resistance. Coverage font retains its properties at temperatures of minus 50 to plus 100 degrees at least 15 years.
After hardening coating is totally safe and can be used even in contact with food.
What is the difference between the font from oak and larch?

On the operational strength and performance is absolutely no difference. Larch, like oak, has a high tensile strength, hardness and resistance to decay. Differences exist only in terms of artistic features of the texture of wood.

Oak - rock with pronounced large texture resulting from a well-marked yearly layers and medullary ray generators to cut a very beautiful flowery picture. The color of wood - yellowish-brown with a grayish or greenish tinge.

Larch - appearance reminds pine wood, but more dense, yellow-golden color, with pronounced structure. Larch is not valuable timber, thus reducing the cost of font.
under the nut


How font?

Font is made of wooden rabbet klepok, paste between a water resistant adhesive and download hoop wrapped in stainless or galvanized steel. Inside and outside the font is covered with environmentally friendly polymer-coated. This coating ensures a high degree of protection from exposure to water timber that allows you to use the font for many years.
How to operate and keep the font?

Operation font is permitted in any ambient temperature and a temperature of the water, fill the font. Not recommended to keep water in the font more than one day.

Periodically, but not less than 1 per 3 month, need to check the tension of rings and, if necessary, draw nuts on constricting hairpin. As required font washes a soft sponge, using liquid detergents. Never use harsh abrasive brush, which can damage the cover font. Font can be stored at any temperature, but must be protected from direct sunlight, and be at least 1 m from heating appliances (ovens, Electric heater, with heated floors, etc.)