Распродажа склада

Stationary (concrete) pools

At a time when everyone can do what wants more attention paid to comfort her, particularly if there is a country house. And one of the options to make the home more comfortable becoming a concrete pool. Not everyone is near a river or pond, and the cleanliness of water in the reservoirs is questionable.


A concrete pool is becoming a universal solution for everyone in the hot summer ponezhitsya in a pleasant, clean water. And this assertion is unfounded. These pools most durable, but their size and shape depend only on the imagination of the customer.


Construction of such pools are made of reinforced concrete requires more time and effort, but this is justified by the fact that these pools can be found a lot of additional equipment: hydro, lights, waterfalls, attractions and other supplements. On its own swimming pool - a complex of hydraulic engineering constructions, consisting of water, water sanitation, electrical, ventilation, drainage system, the air in the room.


Main pinpoint to what you need is a concrete pool. It may be swimming or sports, or entertainment for children, hydromassage procedures, the same can be done pool, which will include everything listed above at the same time, but will be placed just under the conditions of your country house or cottage. It is important to pre-determine the appointment of the pool, or you can just spend too much time and money that you will be absolutely no need. Or, conversely, to what later will be greatly missed.


In addition, it should also decide whether you want the type of pool - skimmerny or switch.
In private homes being used the first type of concrete swimming pool - in this case, the water passes through the filter unit from the surface of the basin, through skimmers (windows «water inlet»). Depending on the size of the pool, its size and area of selected number of skimmers.


Swimming pools with overflow often chosen in the construction of public swimming pools. This is a more expensive type, but at the same time, they are more impressive and beautiful look. With this type of concrete basin water flows in the overflow trays, and then enters the compensatory capacity.