Распродажа склада


Once drafted and approved the draft pool, is the immediate phase of work, ie the construction of concrete pools. Construction of concrete swimming pools open outside the buildings houses a pool, and for understandable reasons, will be suitable mainly for use only in the warm season.


However, if you install a special plastic stand, it will be possible to extend the «warm season» and enjoy the pool in late spring and early autumn. Outdoor swimming pool concrete to build the best in the sun, which should preferably be protected from unauthorized eyes. For your convenience, around the pool should be enough space for deck chairs, beds, recreation and games.


Also necessary to correctly arrange the entire area adjacent to the pool, but it should be taken into account even when the project is made of concrete basin. The land must be slip, water-resistant and have a slight slope away from the pool, which is essential for safe use. For concrete pools closed other necessary conditions.


Such a pool could be placed in almost any available room, for example, inside the main buildings, and in the basement of the home, or in the annex to the main building, and possibly in separate room. The best way to determine the location to accommodate a pool, even at the stage of designing the house, otherwise the construction of the pool may require reconstruction of the premises.


In order to implement the construction of walls of concrete swimming pools will need the following materials:


• plaster;
• ceramic tile;
• zatirka for stitches, glue;
• Impregnation;
• steel fittings;
• concrete;
• thermal insulation;
• waterproofing membrane;
• steel fittings;
• exterior waterproofing.


Through the use of modern materials and advanced technologies used in the construction of concrete pools, the hydro-technical installations quickly and accurately repaired leaks, and in addition, you can solve the problem of any complexity.