Распродажа склада


Once you decide to order a concrete swimming pool you will need, and that it should include, is the stage of design. Draft concrete pool is not worth doing yourself, it's a fairly complex process, which requires to take into account many additional factors. Besides, is to think in advance, how to place a concrete swimming pool in the optimal location in relation to the cottage and, most importantly, to water supply, which will operate the pool.


To do so it was easier to do from the very beginning you need to decide whether you want to open or indoor swimming pool. Outdoor swimming pool suitable for use only during the summer, and indoor swimming pool will be available to you at any time, at your request. When you choose a closed version of the basin, will have to take into account built over it.


Besides a swimming pool can be taken into account even at the initial stage of construction of the house and make it an integral part of the whole house. But then the services you need pool designers in the planning of construction of all homes before construction. In addition, it is worth remembering that more easily pool, which will be as filled with water and pour it into a sewer, not requiring regular pumping of water by additional means.


When designing the concrete basin face a number of tasks:

• decisions regarding the architecture and planning;
• Selection of water treatment systems;
• Analysis of design features of the building to house the swimming pool;
• connect the basin to the engineering systems;
• the combination of water basins with existing utilities.


To develop such a project pool is better soon, together with those who already have experience in setting up similar structures. They will be able to specify in advance the necessary details and make all current amendments and comments to the draft pool, and how it will be implemented fully satisfy you. It should be remembered that the incorrect or inaccurate planning stage when a draft pool, at best, lead to additional costs, and at worst will make it impossible to build at all basins at this site.

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