Распродажа склада


However, there is little to build a concrete swimming pool. To ensure that during the operation did not raise unnecessary problems that can lead to various problems, or simply spend your time and effort, it is mindful of the proper operation of the pool.


Also, do not forget about regular preventive activities related to the fact that the pool is not caused harm to the health of you and your loved ones. The principal in this situation will correct maintenance, which should be regularly subjected to a concrete pool. First, it must be remembered that one should not let the water of the pool in a non-period.


The availability of water is needed to design the pool is not destroyed when frosts (mass of water acts as a thermal regulator) and with the earthquakes. Lack of water mass in the push of land leads to the construction of the basin subsidence, cracking and spalling tiles. Also in periods of non-advised to reduce the water level at 10-15 cm, covering the entire surface awning, which should come into contact with the water surface to avoid formation of ice.


In addition, it is advisable to place the details of icebreaking on the surface (blocks of polystyrene, air frames, etc.). Water from the pipes that provide water supply and drain the pool, on the contrary should be lower. All other work on the maintenance of the basin would be the best option to trust a company that built your pool. This will avoid unnecessary expenditures of time and money.