Распродажа склада

Sbornay Russian Bath


Russian Team Bath, model 2020R. Bath vypolnenaiz
olhovoy boards, shelves inside is also made from alder.
Exclusive tselnoderevyannaya door and window decoration
create the premises at which the Russian sauna, a feeling
warmth and comfort. This model is equipped with high -
elektrokamenkoy Helo Pikkutonttu, which thanks to a large
lays stone weight - 90 kg - has high
emissivity and serves to obtain abundant steam. Exterior
remote control Helo Digi I touch management and
LCD display allows you to manage light in
sauna, exhaust ventilation, install timers to work
elektrokamenki and manage air temperature in the cabin.





 It is in this model most successfully achieved harmony starorusskogo style sauna and modern technology guy.

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