Распродажа склада

Sbornay Sauna


External dimensions, m
(length * width * height )
Shelves, mm Каменка Dining
Sauna team S1212P 1,24*1,24*2,1 2,4 400*300 Harvia Delta 2.3 ~220V
Sauna team S1212R 1,24*1,24*2,1 2,3 400*300 Harvia Delta 2.3 ~220V
Sauna team S1515P 1,685*1,675*2,11 4,7 500*400 Helo CUP 4,5 ~220V
Sauna team S1515R 1,685*1,675*2,11 4,3 500*300 Helo CUP 4,5 ~220V
Sauna team S1515L 1,685*1,675*2,11 4,3 500*300 Helo CUP 4,5 ~220V
Sauna team S2015P 1,675*2,11*2,11 6,2 600*600*400 Helo CUP 6,0 ~220V
Sauna teamS2015R 1,675*2,11*2,11 5,8 600*500*300 Helo CUP 6,0 ~220V
Sauna team S2015L 1,675*2,11*2,11 5,8 600*500*300 Helo CUP 6,0 ~220V
Sauna team S2020P 2,11*2,095*2,11 8,0 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V
Sauna team S2020R 2,11*2,095*2,11 7,6 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V
Bath team A2020R 2,11*2,095*2,14 7,6 600*500*400 Helo Pikkutonttu 6,6 ~380V
Sauna team S2020L 2,11*2,095*2,14 7,6 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V
Sauna team S2220P 2,22*2,095*2,11 8,5 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V
Sauna team S2220R 2,22*2,095*2,11 8,1 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V
Sauna team S2220L 2,22*2,095*2,11 8,1 600*600*600 Helo CUP 8,0 ~380V



Many people who decided to have a sauna and define its position in the interior of their dwellings,
Commodity acquire ready-flush saunas. We produce and sell such options 8 saunas. Little sauna S1515R placed in a small corner of space - space of its total 2.5 q.metre and S2220 models in a sauna with omfortom posted 3 Rights. Here are some of the many advantages of such an acquisition:


  • You do not need to think about bundling such saunas - all components of the model saunas and get tested on the experience of your predecessors use.
  • Installation is simple saunas, richly illustrated and produced in the shortest possible time - morning only brought, and in the evening, after work, have the pleasure to relax at a hot pahuchem shelves
  • Rubbish after construction quite a bit - one of the cardboard packaging components.
  • Screwdrivers package will remain forever with you and the economy today.



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Assembled-panelboard sauna Features range of ready -
ready-panelboard saunas SaunaDann:



  • Classical and ergonomic interior design
  • facade and inner walls, timbered high-quality boards
    of alder and having a thin elegant red with light
    heterogeneity colors that do not require complex care
  • shelves made from lime or abashi
  • original decision ventilation, combined with stretching, which
    may fall as the ceiling, and in the wall, with the possibility of accrued
    gofrotruboy for evacuating air
  • Any door to order from a wide range of models produced
  • any additional equipment accessories on request


Готовая сауна S11212P  

  Finished sauna S11212P

    Сборная сауна S1212R

  Sauna team S1212R


Сборно-щитовая сауна S1515L

Сборная сауна S1515P

Assembled-panelboard sauna S1515L


Sauna team S1515P


Сборная сауна S1515P

Щитовая сауна S2015L

Sauna team S1515P


Flush sauna  S2015L


Сборная сауна S2015P

Готовая сауна S2015R

Team sauna S2015P


Team sauna S2015R


Щитовая сауна S2020L

Сборная сауна S2020P

Flush sauna S2020L

Team sauna S2020P


Готовая сауна S2020R

Сборная сауна S2220L

Finished sauna  S2020R


Team sauna S2220L


Готовая сауна S2220R


The kit includes a sauna Switchboard:


  • Indeed boards with a sauna
    glass door
  • Wall-mounted shelves
  • Bench zashivka and Cpinki
  • Elektrokamenka Helo CUP --
    power which varies
    Models of color - from the wishes of
  • Grates on the floor, special and Water
    termoustoychivye fixtures
    and corner lampshade.
  • Wires, bulbs,
    Installation Tools
Flush sauna S2220R
Instructions from the manufacturer in Russian.



Щитовая сауна S2220P


Flush sauna S2220P


In panelboard sauna kit includes:



  • Sheathing sauna inside and outside - PVC, Class A,
    15 mm, decorative reddish alder.
  • Insulation - minvata through and foil, inside
    and outside the sauna timbered boards of 15 mm
    alder, resulting product has a very
    decorative look.
  • Inside the sauna shelves, lining shelves and back
    made of abashi, components (lampshade,
    skirting-board and corners, grates on the floor) made of
    Caucasian lipy.Tsvet specify elektrokamenki
    with the customer further.



An important is that we have built a sauna
have long-term warranty. More
of our managers have reported to our clients on new
products, which could motivate the user
or sauna bath - for example, about fitoaromatah, oils,
brooms, textiles or cosmetic sets.



For information on how to build a sauna own, or order
we sauna custom size, please visit
on the construction of saunas. Stages of self-built
saunas of building materials in pictures posted on
page Etapnost construction sauna. " About how
to choose the right stove for baths and saunas and that it is necessary
take into account when building a sauna, you can read at
the "Recommendations". At the "Details of the sauna"
You will get acquainted with the history of development of Finnish saunas,
'll see photos of earthen saunas, find differences between
sauna "on-black" and a sauna with chimneys, familiar with the
features wood and electric heaters. At this
same page, you can learn how sauna affects the health
rights and how to care for a sauna. For your
convenience of the most frequently asked questions of our clients
handed down to the 'question - the answer. " Look, rather,
just what you're looking for, there already described. If your
question remains unanswered - call, will be happy to help you.
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