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ZHSH jade Polished

Jade mined at the site Sohatiny Borusskogo field zhadeitov West Sayan, is a natural semi clean stone.


  • He has concentrated positive energy impact on rights:
  • strengthens the nervous system
  • aligns blood pressure
  • softens blood vessels
  • improve the composition of blood
  • increases male potency
  • treating kidney and urinary tract
  • A heated stone, these properties are worsening.
  • Jade - the only semiprecious stone, a set of properties which is ideal for use in baths, sauna and Hammam.
  • The combination of high performance teplousvoeniya, thermal conductivity, density and specific heat provide the greatest heat value for a long time.
  • Extremely high tensile strength and high minimum low Water, to provide the highest possible rate zhadeita fortress, making it the most secure a stone in your bath and sauna.
  • Thanks to its unique physical and mechanical properties of jade is the most durable stone when used in baths and saunas furnaces of any type.
  • Jade the most beautiful natural material that has ever been applied in the Steam baths and saunas.

    According to scientific developments in the field (litho) gemmoterapii * jade as a stone - the stabilizer, has concentrated positive energy impact on the rights: to strengthen the nervous system, aligns blood pressure, reduces blood vessels improves the composition of blood, increases male potency, treating kidney and urinary tract ways. A heated stone, these properties are worsening.

    Jade is used in traditional medicine in Latin America since the time of the Maya. Medicinal properties zhadeita described in detail in a very Chinese «Medical Encyclopedia for the treatment of herbs Tang Dynasty», as well as «an encyclopedic treatment of herbs Shang-No». We know that emperors-macrobiotic Kong-Hsi, Wu Tse Ten and the Chiang-Long zhadovyh sleeping on pillows, ate from zhadeitovoy dishes and jade used for massage, so they were full of energy and wisdom to govern China.

    Jade has healing properties because of its rarity in the balanced chemical composition and unique physical properties.

    People have always tried to use the forces of nature itself to regenerate the body: to live in houses built of environmentally friendly materials, to drink clean water, take mud baths, etc.

    Difficult to find a substance useful for human health than jade. The composition of zhadeita includes more than 60 elements in Mendeleev table such proportions that can positively affect many human organs. However, since the jade is in a solid state, and little direct contact with the human body, these effects are minor in nature. Being placed in the stove, heater, jade is contained in an active state by the effects of temperature and moisture. The water evaporates from the surface of the stone, takes micro elements belonging to the chemical composition zhadeita. Thus, steam baths becomes curative.

    Gems general and jade in particular, are powerful compact support wave energy or vibration. Their use as an instrument of healing because they are, concentrate and increase the vibration energy.

    In various pain doctors often recommend applying cold or hot compresses to the sore spot. For the success of this method of treatment is very important thermal properties of the material from which manufactures compression. For comparison: in contact bosaya leg - wooden floor, you would think that the sex of the warm, concrete floor - cold and zhadeitovy floor - ice, although they all have the same temperature in the same room.

    There are those substances teplousvoeniem, which is: to pine boards - 3.9, concrete -11, zhadeita - 29 Vt/m.2 ° C

    This feature stone combined with the unique chemical composition allows the use of jade stone massage, for the production of therapeutic pillows, massage and other products from zhadeita, has healing properties.

    An important indicator of hygiene natural products is the content of natural radionuclides. According to the doctors on radiation hygiene such indicator of zhadeita Borusskogo deposit is located on the uniquely low at 0.39 Bq / kg, while the Russian Federation rules allow, without limiting the use of materials with a 370 Bq / kg.

    There science Color - color therapy. It is believed that black suppressed, oppressed, red excites the nervous system, blue and encouraging a green soothes and heals. It is no coincidence in the casino uses green baize, that the players complacent. In hospitals all over the world greens are doctors gowns. The green color is sacred to all world religions.

    Given all the above, for thousands of years of zhadeita with healing qualities, made balls for the massage of hands, to cushion the head, Masseurs, dishes, sets for massage stones, tabletops for massage tables, built entire baths and saunas.



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