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Ovens Helo


Wood stoves heater Helo widespread product is not on l around the world from the very beginning was based
not only on professionalism creators and indisputable high quality products, but also in the quest for renewal,
as well as the desire to respond. In addition to excellent technical side, wooden stove on the inherent l Not yet elegant
shape. In our new series of wood heaters special role to play light. Several models are equipped with
glass door, which allows to see the dancing fire, which gives a sense of life and sauna, special
mood. First-class materials and unusual design makes expressive sauna and deliver special
the pleasure of soul and body. We invite you to become acquainted with the heater Helo! Saunatec Group Oy is a leading company with
world-famous in the establishment of saunas. The company develops, manufactures and sells equipment for saunas and
steam booths around the world. Saunatec products developed in accordance with the demands and wishes of customers.
High quality, continuous development and ability to meet the changing demands made
Helo products known worldwide heater, which retains heat long


Helo Ukkotonttu

The elegant design heater "Ukkotonttu" designed Ristomatti Ratia. She has
excellent technical characteristics. "Ukkotonttu" constitutes
accumulates heat, long time to cool fuelwood heater, supplies
unique three-tiered system of heat transfer. Its composition has a stationary
cast iron lid. As an additional equipment can be delivered
control stand. The heater can be installed in saunas with a volume of 8
up to 22 m3

  • Dimensions (width x depth x height), see: 50 x 50 x 105
  • Weight, kg: 70
  • The recommended size saunas, m3: 8.0-22.0
  • The mass Stones kg: 60
  • Heat transfer: a three-tiered
  • The opening for the chimney, mm: 115
  • The upper part firebox, mm: 10



Kamenka from talkohlorida



Helo Hiidenkivi

Pot stone attached stones Helo Hiidenkivi luxurious appearance. Through well -
holding mass of warm stone pottery, stone bulk tanks and a double
heat transfer system heater heats quickly and long retains heat. Available
exchangeable inside of the glazing and cast iron door. The heater is suitable for
Use of saunas from 8 to 18 m3
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height), see: 50 x 49 x 80
  • Weight, kg: 200
  • The recommended size saunas, m3: 8.0-18.0
  • The mass Stones kg: 50
  • Heat: XTRA
  • The opening for the chimney, mm: 115
  • The upper part firebox, mm: 8


Traditional wood heater - Series DX


Helo 16 DX
Helo 22 DX
Helo 28 DX

Elegant heater DX series of Helo,
made of high-quality materials.
Double heat exchange system significantly
reduces the consumption of firewood. Available in
stainless steel. Glazing cast iron door.
Additional options - adjustable to stalk
pripuskom to 40 mm make it easy to install
heater at the desired altitude. Heaters can be
installed in baths and saunas volumes:
  • 16 DX - 6 - 16 cu. m
  • 22 DX - 8 - 22 cu. m
  • 28 DX - 8 - 28 cu. m

Helo 22 DX RST
Helo 28 DX RST

Helo 22 ES DX
Helo 28 ES DX

The new ES models from Helo used convenient
space-saving and water tanks.
Effective dual system of heat transfer.
The crane can be installed on the left or right.
Adjust speed water heating. Glazing
cast iron door. Heaters are suitable for installation
in the sauna baths and volume:
  • 22 ES DX - 8 - 20 cu. m
  • 28 ES DX - 12 - 28 cu. m
Volumetric tank of 60 litres Helo Pata falls
in a series of elegant design models DX. Connection
with perhaps the top or chimney behind. The crane can be
set on the left or right. The cast iron door.

Helo Pata DX



Traditional wood heater - Series Blackline



Helo 20 S

Helo 18 ES

Helo 12


Helo 18
Classic ES model Blackline of Helo. Firebox Top of high-quality steel with thickness of 8 mm.
Model 20S has a large capacity for stones and effective dual system of heat transfer. Maybe
installed in baths and saunas volume of 8 - 18 cubic metres of Helo 12 - practical for small heater saunas and bathhouses.
The stylish and elegant design. Can be installed in baths and saunas volume 5 -13 cub New in 2006.


New models of high-wood heaters


Helo 40

Helo 40 - is designed for sauna baths and a large
volume - 20 - 45 cub A large number of stones,
as well as high construction heater
guarantee a good pair. Helo 20 SL - from the top
predbannika hand. The heater is convenient and easy to
use. Glazing cast iron door.
heater is suitable for installation in saunas and baths
with the volume of 8 - 20 cubic metres

Helo 20 SL



Additional accessories for wood stoves Helo



Tube reservoir (water tank 24 liters) for
wood heaters Helo 115 mm diameter pipes


Technical specifications for wood stoves and sauna baths Helo


Model Dimensions
Mass ovens,
The volume of saunas,
The mass of stones,
Water tank,
for the chimney,
The upper part
Ukkotonttu** 50x50x105 70 8-22 60 3-level - 115 10
Hiidenkivi** 50x49x80 200 8-18 50 XTRA - 115 8
Helo 12 40x43x68 40 5-13 30
- 115 8
Helo 16 DX** 41x49.5x73 50 6-16 35
- 115 8
Helo 20 SL** 41x52x73+235 55 8-20 40 XTRA - 115 8
Helo 20 S
41x52x73 58 8-22 40 XTRA - 115 8
Helo 22 DX** 41x53.5x75 60 8-22 45 XTRA - 115 8
Helo 28 DX** 41x58.5x80 70 12-28 65 XTRA - 115 10
Helo 40*51x63x109 100 20-45 100
- 130 12  
Helo 18 ES
41x57x78 60 8-18 30 XTRA 22 115 8
Helo 20 ES DX** 41x58.5x80 60 8-20 35 XTRA 22 115 8
Helo 28 ES DX** 41x69.5x80 75 12-28 65 XTRA 22 115 10
Helo Pata DX* 41x58.5x78 45 - - - 60 115 -



* - Stove with glass door, ** - cast-iron stove with a glass door