Распродажа склада

Ovens Termofor


Angara Vitra Shilka


Technological advances inexorably imposes its mark even the most conservative areas of human activity. Povinuyas him, we thoroughly "peretryasli" stereotypical attitudes seemingly hopeless in improving the ancient thermal device.

This use chromic hitherto exotic heat-resistant steels, on the application is built aircraft engine; dual combustion system that provides "explosive" warming sauna; constant self soot from furnaces and many others, that now seems familiar and commonplace.

But we do not stand on the spot. Because all rather dry antiperspiranty in the world than living in Russia have lost the desire to establish such Committed sweatshops, which are not snilis no Taylor.

The wave of success bathhouse ovens "Termofor" swept from Moscow to the most up to suburbia and naturally passes through government and language barriers with neighbouring countries.

Such a rapid conquest of sympathy obliges us to delve more deeply into a subject and try to come like all connoisseurs of Russian bathhouse, wherever they lived.

And how well we get it - you judge.