Распродажа склада

Scents in the Turkish bath

Has it, my friend the reader, you

Blazhenstvovat volume and duration moments

Madly, long before selflessly

Vdyhaya musk or incense.

S. Baudelaire

In the bath, and sauna are known to relax and improve health. It is bliss and volume last moments, but not only by combining the right temperature and humidity or massage, but through exposure to certain odors. Mint, for example, has a calming effect on the central nervous system, eucalyptus tones and treating the respiratory system. The smell of linden or buckwheat honey little tangible to our nose, but it also added to bath otvary to nasytit pair substances biologically useful for our body and pleasant to the nose.

Nature devoted to our bow very important and the end is not yet investigated the role. Freud said that a woman chooses a man to smell his skin, because in a way it «reads» necessary for their future children's genetic information. Incidentally, musk - known aphrodisiac - also can be attributed to the «male» smell, because this product allocation seed glands of some male animals. But incense, by contrast, the smell of vegetable origin: the so-called sweet pitch, for smoking.

In the bath, mainly used by the smells of grass, leaves and trees. However, whatever may be the origin of every single odor, in any perfume compositions it has its own niche. «Odors and aromas» - this is not tautology. Hero Zyuskinda, for example, created a fragrance of the 13 scents. Experienced banshhik in the same pose in a bath layered and unforgettable flavor by using a specially cooked decoction filed by stones.

Art cast otvary

Place a decoction on the rocks akin to the art of perfumery, but it can be if you want to learn.

1.Smeshayte pan you want to give the grass (the most popular - it is mint, eucalyptus, camomile, marjoram, calendula, tutsan) zaleyte cool boiling water and put on a big fire, and after the zakipit instead ubavte fire to a minimum and cover a pot lid. Thus more than half herb languishing, after which the decoction should be removed from fire, cool, without opening the lid, spilled on the bottle and tightly closed. This «concentrate» takes about 70 to a standard bowl of hot water.

2.Pered feed water decoction need popleskat on rocks just hot water, rocks to cool slightly then deliver the water with a portion of broth, and then again 2-3 times - clean water.

3.Staraytes throw water from a decoction of the upper portion of the heater is not coming into contact with bricks, but to aromatherapy steam in the moisture evenly distributed, broom dip into the water with the decoction and vigor they pomashite. In the bath, immediately extended a special fresh flavor.

What smells bath

In addition to herbal aromas, in a bath smells pleasantly tree, fresh brooms and smoke. There are special flavors for baths, which are nothing but concentrates herbal scents for filing on stones or to add a few drops in the bucket of water and besprent walls and shelves.

We will tell you a few aromatnyh secrets that everyone march in the bath was a great pleasure for you. Just remember that mix different smells, except vegetation (grass, the smell of trees) should not be.

To steam delicious smell of Freshly baked bread, add hot water, supplied to the stones, slightly acid kvass or beer.
If you want to hear in a bath unmistakable aroma of pine forest, put it in a steam fresh cut spruce branches.
To vzbodritsya after a heavy day plesnite stones at the water dissolved in a spoon fragrant coffee.
To kill in the bath and body paryaschihsya all microbes, plants use decoction with bactericidal and antiseptic effect, for example, juniper berries, milfoil grass, leaves of sage and eucalyptus, chamomile flowers, calendula, kidneys, birch and poplar.

       Evgenia Bahvalova