Распродажа склада

Construction of Turkish baths

Our specialists are building the Turkish baths in a short time in Moscow and Moscow region. We conclude with their clients contract for after-care. Standing buyers and wholesalers, we offer considerable discounts. As a rule, before build Hammam, our clients receive the draft and 3D model of the future of Turkish baths. It allows us to subsequently use precisely the finishing materials that would look harmonious and you create a sense of coziness and comfort.

Some sources claim that the Turkish bath place of Roman therm. We pampered sauna art of ancient Romans valued very highly and it was studied to trifles. Roman terms were the basis and hamama - Turkish baths, but like everything in time, transformed by the influence of Byzantine culture.


Features of Turkish baths in abundance rising steam from the ceiling, using aromatic funds (mainly eucalyptus and mint, on the properties which can be read here), low oval ceiling, to avoid falling rops condensate.

Before entering into heated Hammam is recommended (in a bath or sauna) and then cool the body in a pool or soul - it is necessary for disclosure and then intensify redox reactions in cover tissues. Special Turkish massage massage rukavichkah hot on a bench with plenty of soap solution and contrasting pouring cool water will also help you unleash the charm Turkish baths.


Recently, Turkish bath is in vogue. In Italy, home of Roman therm, the main Hammam buyers become "middle-aged people, professionals with a solid account in bank, which in the course of redevelopment give a home town for rest and relaxation ".

In our country, interest in a Turkish bath risen recently. It is probably linked to ppeared in people in our country the opportunity to visit other countries. Convenience and beautiful Turkish baths there are already many fans ith a healthy lifestyle and aesthetic delight.

Undoubtedly, the construction hamama - not a pleasure eap. The minimum consumption of electricity in steam roduction is about 3 kW. To Fortunately, modern technology does not and on the spot and now you can build a very high quality Turkish bath at a low cost of working time.

The obligatory element of the modern Turkish baths You cantake steam - special device to obtain large quantities of ot eam in short time. Prices of steam in the western countries in recent times is growing. Preferred elements can be called matization system, a system avtoochistki, kurnu (water ources), decorative Elements of marble or mosaic.


The range Sauna Dann always have available a large selection of doors for Turkish baths, team generators, eam cleaning systems and flavours, LUX-system elements, which in Recently, very popular.

Book design and a preliminary estimate, followed by construction Turkish baths, you can call (495) 545-06-22 or e-mail letter to the address ezign@saunadann.ru. For a project of Turkish baths, you should tell us the imensions remises, and the width of the aperture, the height of ceilings in the room. Do not forget indicate your name and contact phone number. Upon receipt of our draft and preliminary estimate we have with you on the ground will discuss all the technical nuances of the project - ways heating, nominal electric power, color and invoice glass ors and other details, and will conclude a contract for the construction. Our designers will contact you and offer you tions finishing the Turkish baths and marble mosaic in the light of your wishes available in available materials. After a half months from the date of your treatment you will Turkish bath.